Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

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Every lady should have a formidable ride at her side whether it is her car or her bicycle. Riding through the city is a good way of passing through traffic in the morning.

This is why most people ride their bicycle to work or from place to place in the city. This kind of behavior is increasing its popularity in recent years and people, especially women, are looking for a cruiser that fits their lifestyle and their own needs.


While there are tons of bicycle brands out there in the market, this brand provides one of the most suitable bicycles for urban cruising which is designed for the ladies. Firmstrong Urban Lady Cruiser Bicycle is the ride that all ladies would want to have in their urban lifestyle.

While the name implies that this bicycle can be used in the urban or city areas, it is also suitable for other environments such as beaches, suburban, and anywhere else that has a paved path. As it is designed for women, it is both fun and easy to ride. You can choose from three different gear options that are suitable for you from one to seven speeds.

This enables you to accelerate from 3 to 15 miles per hour very easily with those gears. Cruising around the town will not be a problem for you anymore with speed such as that. Speed should always come with a method to decelerate the speed or else it could potentially be a problem for your own safety.

If you purchase a single or three-speed models, those models will include rear coastal brakes. However, the seven-speed model includes front and rear hand brakes for additional versatility. Women would appreciate things that are simple for them and a bicycle is no exception.

The single-speed model offers an easy and fun ride experience for women and everyone else who loves a simple bicycle that requires no gear shifting.

Those who ride a bicycle to work may have to drive for a long distance to reach their workplace from home which is why the Firmstrong Urban Cruiser Bicycle comes with an oversized seat with double coil springs attached to it. You do not have to worry about bumps or discomfort, this seat will ensure smoother and softer ride than any other bicycles.

The whitewall tires will also help to absorb bumps for an effortless ride. Start your own journey with this amazing bike for an affordable price today!

Our pros and cons reviews :


- Easy to use
- Easily carried
- High-impact resistant
- Durable and strong material
- Conveniently movable


- Heavy
- Not suitable for toddlers
- Limited options for colors

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